Tuesday, February 2, 2010


There is an article on the Internet today by LifeScience.com that makes the case that children who can not read social cues and body language are more apt to be picked on or bullied by peers.

Any parent with a child with NLD or Asperger’s will not be surprised to read that; it is likely a frequent nightmare. But our children can learn skills that will help them first, make better sense of non-verbal cues; second, avoid some situations where misreading a cue might have considerable consequences; and third, understand and manage peer reaction to a social blunder. I am learning daily, now that he is away at college, that my son has learned over the years to interpret some body language by peers. I think that he does well enough in either deciphering or – when he is unsure how to unravel what the actions and/or facial expressions might be telling him – not reacting, that he usually avoids major missteps.

I think sometimes writing this blog allows me to better focus on the progress he has made, rather than how far he has to go.

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