Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bonding With Dad

We got through a weekend without speaking by phone. Last Saturday, my son left his phone in the car of one of the fellows he plays Frisbee with. Isn’t it funny how I’ve been writing about his difficulty with social connections for several months now, yet when he tells me he was in a car with one of the Frisbee guys, I wonder why. My son has made it pretty clear that some of these guys can party.

Turns out the practice last Saturday was downtown, and the players who had cars gave lifts back to campus to those who did not. Anyway, he had a fun day and didn’t seem particularly worried (more annoyed at the inconvenience) about not having the phone. The driver returned it yesterday afternoon.

Tonight is the start of his school’s basketball tournament. My son has attended quite a few of the games, once or twice with his father (who hails from Indiana – need I say more?!). Tonight, my husband is driving up to school to go to the game with my son. If the team wins, they will attend the next round, to be held in another suburb on Thursday. While I’m pretty sure there won’t be many students in attendance with parents, I’m not the least bit worried about that – there won’t be many students whose parents grew up in basketball country either!

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