Monday, February 8, 2010

Dean's List

When I drove my son back to his dorm yesterday, there was a small sign taped to his door congratulating him on his strong grade point average. It’s a testament to how hard he works and how determined he is that he achieved a 3.0 GPA, despite the poor grade in Stage Tech.

I’ve mentioned that I get a lot of daily emails generated by AANE discussion threads; some I wish I had not gotten. For example, there are some with the theme, “my 26 year old barely leaves her room…getting a job does not seem a remote possibility.” Others talk about the substantial expense associated with some residential programs that have gotten mixed reviews. Just as each of our children has different capabilities, we parents all face different challenges in nurturing them and helping them succeed.

On most days (though not all) I believe that my son will grow into a successful adult, even though he might define success differently and we as parents might define it differently. For the time being, succeeding in his classes is a phenomenal achievement.

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