Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dennis Lehane on Writing

In conjunction with the release of his newest book, I heard Boston iconic writer, Dennis Lehane, speak this past week.  He said if you want to write, you should write; not talk about writing, or read about writing, or study how to write, or join groups of writers for support.

I just want to let my readers know (both of them!), that I am not stopping this blog. However, I need to put it on hiatus for some unquantifiable period for two reasons:

First, I am still in the hunt for a new job. Although I have been finding a lot of appropriate opportunities, this seems to be taking longer than I would have hoped!

Second (to tie the sabbatical to the focus of the blog), my son is more than halfway through his third semester in college, and he is doing exceptionally well. Many things have gone right for him: the Disabilities coordinator and he have found a rhythm of regular meetings and my son appreciates the support. He has successfully changed his major to Communications and also has a faculty adviser who actually is in that department. He celebrated Halloween with about fourteen other guys by going to the downtown area in costume. While my son was (probably) the only one who had not had any alcohol prior to going downtown, he was accepted by this group of students. I think this is due in no small part to his freshman roommate, who continues to make sure my son is included when guys from last year’s dorm floor get together.

So…more to follow when I am once again gainfully employed and back in my own rhythm.