Monday, February 22, 2010

Success Breeds Success

I’m sure many readers know the name John Elder Robison, an adult with Asperger’s who wrote the book, Look Me in the Eye, my life with Asperger’s. Mr. Robison’s website ( and blog provide more useful sources of information, but a quote from it that I really like and believe is:

“To some extent, success breeds success. My first friends gave me confidence and allowed me to improve my social skills.”

This is not especially deep; I like it nonetheless. Our children never stop growing and developing skills. As my son has become involved with some peers at school, his confidence in other social situations is increasing. And my confidence in him is also strengthened.


John Elder Robison said...

Thoughts do not always have to be deep to have meaning and value

PatK said...

Thank you -- for all of your work and for modeling your success. I really do see the value to making that first good social connection. I am not burdened by any social communications disability, and I can count on one hand the number of strong bonds I have with friends.