Wednesday, February 17, 2010

NLD Strengths

In my recent browsing and link-following, I came across an article that itemized some of the strengths of a child (or adolescent or adult) that has been diagnosed with Nonverbal Learning Disorder. They include:

• Early speech, language, and vocabulary development – my son was a relatively late talker, but his speech was clear and his vocabulary has been excellent from an early age. As a result, he can make a strong first impression even though he might come across as shy and an “initial onset dysfluency” sometimes gets in the way.

• Strong memory – when he is focused (which is most of the time), he can remember details, facts and other bits of miscellaneous information that would be way beyond me. I think this is a strength that could actually compensate for some of the social difficulties. He would be the person to solve the argument over who pitched the third game of the ALCS in 2004. (Now you also have to realize that – if he were to read this – he would say “I don’t know who pitched that game.” He might miss the point by getting mired in the way I stated it!)

• Attention to detail – in kindergarten he was very clear that R2D2’s light did not blink in the first Star Wars episode and only started that in the second

• Strong reading and spelling skills, excellent verbal expression and good auditory retention – I believe these are the skills that he will eventually be able to capitalize on and forge a career on.

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