Monday, February 1, 2010

It's All Relative

Part or our membership in AANE includes entrance into the Google group, “Parents of Adults with Asperger’s.” Since last week, I’ve been bombarded with emails, some relevant to my son’s situation, most not so relevant. The relevancy hinges on the degree to which the young adults are affected by their learning disability. It’s been heartbreaking to read how many of these young people are on anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medication; how very many of them find it difficult to face the social world they live in. It’s been heartening to realize that many are living relatively independently. Finding employment is clearly the biggest hurdle. However, I have to believe that – at least at this particular time – the weak economy (and concurrent 10% unemployment rate) is no small factor.

My son will always face challenges, but I am grateful that he appears to be coping better than most of the “Aspies” about whom parents have been writing. I have to say “appears to be…” because my son can not always talk about his feelings. I know that he is handling the academic load, and I know that he is active with the Frisbee group. I take solace from these two perceptible truths.

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