Thursday, February 25, 2010

You Can Lead a Horse to Water

Far be it from me to be negative before I’ve even broach a subject with my son (just ask my daughter!).

But all these great programs and groups I’ve been getting information about since joining AANE won’t help him at all unless he chooses to join in. For example, AANE offers a regular meeting of young adults (primarily 20-30 year-olds) on the second Thursday of each month to share pizza and play games; they have open discussion groups on the fourth Wednesday regularly. These programs take place fairly close to our home, and continue year-round.

I assume the people that attend these meetings have also had difficulty in the past making social connections, but sometimes my son does not see that as a problem for him. So I don’t really know whether he’d want to try something like this or not. I hope he and I will at least meet with the director of adult services when he gets home for the summer. One step at a time.

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