Monday, March 29, 2010

Ultimate Weekend

My son called fairly late on Friday evening to let us know that his Ultimate Frisbee team had been invited to play in a tournament at another school on both Saturday and Sunday of this past weekend. This would mean driving an hour or so each way and each day to the other campus, and the drivers would be other members of the team with cars.

I was very excited for my son to be playing, but hadn’t he told me that a Saturday practice was canceled a few weeks ago because some of the kids on the team had been partying on Friday night?

Well, they played four games on Saturday (winning one); they played four games (I think) again on Sunday (winning two). Both days the team made it safely to and from campus. My son had a great time and was exhausted by last night. I never heard once how boring it was on campus on the weekends.

I do admit that I was worried – I think I covered it pretty well.

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