Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Mea Culpa

Leave it to me to make the wrong assumption. After posting about the obvious need for an organized room (which my son has not yet read), I spoke to him on the phone and tried to joke: “That will teach you to make your bed.”

Wow, Mom – HARSH! He told me he pulls the comforter up almost every day and would have found the iPod sooner if it had been there the whole three weeks or so. His best guess is that someone had it and left it in his room to be conveniently found. Whatever – I’m sure he’ll keep a closer eye on it going forward.

More importantly, my son met with the Disabilities director this morning to get set up for fall registration. He still needs to meet with his faculty advisor (the theater professor who “suggested” that he switch majors) before registering. It sounds like he now has an idea of what is expected of him to ensure priority registration.

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