Wednesday, March 3, 2010

For Those Who Might be Wondering...

Here are the upshots from yesterday’s meeting: there will be no grade change because, apparently, the professor was under no obligation to accommodate a student in a manner that might change the requirements of the course. Moreover, she will remain his faculty advisor until the major change becomes official. What? The teacher who advised him to quit the major he had chosen barely halfway into the first semester will still advise him? Wow.

All of you who have children younger than college age, do your homework on this before they go off. When one of my son’s learning center teachers recommended a certain college that was really positioned to promote success for kids with learning disabilities like my son’s, I “poo-poo’d” the idea. I did not want him to choose a college based solely on the fact that he has a disability.

Well there must be a happy medium.

Anyway, the rest of the meeting was marginally better, and he will definitely be able to take advantage of priority registration. Of course, that will happen after he meets with his faculty advisor.

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