Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Counting Blessings

My son did not stop attending school by age 15 because he could not cope with bullying, class-work or unsympathetic teachers.

He is not on medication for anxiety, depression or a sleep disorder.

Although he never excelled at sports, he played soccer, basketball and baseball competently and very much enjoys all sports. He also seems to be enjoying his latest venture into athletics, Ultimate Frisbee.

He may not have a lot of friends, but he is getting more comfortable socializing with peers – his most recent outing was a long hike with eight or nine other students on a spring-like Sunday afternoon.

He does not require a single dorm room.

These are a few of the issues about which other families have been emailing; seeking support from anyone is similar situations. There is almost always someone who can empathize, having dealt with the same things.

I am very grateful that, on this continuum of disabilities, my son has been able to find strength in his abilities.

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