Friday, October 2, 2009

Short Takes

One of my son’s elementary school specialists was telling me (during a recent meeting about my daughter) how determined my son always was when she worked with him. She not only liked him as a student, but she admired him as a person.

The rehab hospital (Franciscan Hospital for Children in Brighton, Massachusetts) that took such great care of him five years ago would like to publish his (success!) story.

The high school speech therapist who -- among other things -- was instrumental in getting my son to stop wearing sweat pants and start wearing jeans (!) called today to see how he was doing in college. She was so happy when I was able to say "Really well!" and could not wait to pass the word on to other staff members who taught him.

My husband stopped by the Office for Students with Disabilities at our son’s college and they are hoping to get to meet our remarkable young man. But he will have to initiate the contact himself. I am hoping this will be the start of another symbiotic relationship – my son has benefited for many years from his work with specialists, but their lives have been enriched by my son as well.

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