Friday, October 23, 2009

Is Anybody There?

This stirring song from the play and film, “1776,” has John Adams talking to an empty room.

Although the title of the blog is Instructions for life, for those who need the book…although the stated goal of the blog is to help adolescents and young adults who have social communications disorders…although my objective is to help my son be even more successful, I have to tell you – he is not the least bit interested in reading this.

For those who think I am too involved in my son’s life, rest assured my involvement is largely “virtual” – through this unread blog! Someone will get something out of it some day…I hope...


rumi said...

Hi! I'm here! your friend in orlando gave me your blog address and this is my first comment.
I have a soon to be 4 yr old daughter diagnosed with High Functioning ASD earlier this year.
Although she has language and communication delay, I suspect her being Asperger. Your blog gives me glimps of our future. It makes me hoplefull that some day my daughter will be off to college on her own like your son.

PatK said...

She'll be fine! But always be an active advocate on her behalf. Getting the right services is critical. My son did not have a full neuro-psych evaluation until he was almost 9; and by then it confirmed what we had already suspected. But he had been getting services since pre-school for speech and fine motor delays. Let me know if I can ever give you a pep talk!