Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Slicing a Bagel

My son was making himself a bagel for breakfast recently and I noticed that he was slicing it the “New York” way. I have heard (who knows if it’s true) that most of the Emergency Room visits in New York City on a typical Sunday morning are for hand wounds inflicted by bread knives while slicing a bagel.

A knife with a serrated blade works best for slicing bagels and crusty bread. Since you’re using a sharp instrument, do NOT hold the bagel flat on your palm and slice it toward you. I realize many people do this successfully every day, but it really is not the best way, nor is it safe. It’s usually going to be better if you place the bagel vertically on a counter or cutting board, hold the knife handle – blade down – with one hand and place the other hand over the top of the blade. Guide the knife through the middle of the bagel in a gentle sawing motion to the bottom and pull it apart.

Instructions on cutting a bagel might not be very impressive – can’t anyone slice a bagel, and can’t anyone do that any way they want to? As my son would say, “W/E” (text lingo for whatever); but please be careful.

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