Wednesday, October 14, 2009

How to Keep Track of Everything

I suppose if anyone knew the answer to that, they’d be wealthy. The short answer is probably -- impossible! I’ve written about my son’s difficulty in staying organized before. First it was what he forgot to bring home and what he left at school; this week it’s what he forgot to bring back to school and left at home.

He called Monday to let me know that he was pretty sure his iPod was still sitting on his desk at home. Sure enough, there it was. And by the way Mom, could you look around for the new video game I bought over the weekend? I was sure I put it in my backpack, but it’s not there now. Good old Mom found it on the floor of his room, tucked behind the TV stand. Lastly, I got a text from him yesterday saying that he seems to have left his phone charger home – that was right before his phone went dead. And yes, the charger is right on the floor partly under the bookcase, where he left it.

We all do this, and some of us do it more than others. Moreover, in my son’s defense, he has gotten infinitely more careful about keeping track of his belongings. He has not lost or damaged a cell phone in more than two years. I think the problem is rearing its ugly head at this particular time because this is such a major transition for him. It’s one thing to go from your room, to the dining room, to school, back to the house and to the kitchen, for a walk downtown, etc. All of that represents the small world he was in only two months ago. Now he’s pretty much got two worlds to keep track of, and it’s clearly hard.

I’m not sure what the solution is; maybe an oral checklist would work until he gets used to the bi-locating. I should call him on the day he’s coming home and make sure he’s got all his laundry, books, medicine, phone, and any other necessity. Oh, that’s right; I can’t call him and remind him of that because his phone is dead because he left his charger home. Plan B: get duplicates of some necessities. He is on an adventure today taking a bus to a mall, in search of a phone charger that he can leave in his room.

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