Monday, October 26, 2009

Giving Up?

Today my son called to tell me that he intended to write an email to the Stage Tech teacher to let her know that this sewing assignment seemed beyond his capability. He told me it felt like he was “giving up,” but I think he intended to send the email anyway.

Some suggestions I gave him: Explain why you’re having a hard time; ask for, don’t demand an alternative assignment; copy the Office for Students with Disabilities in on the email, so they will at least be aware of the challenge. I asked if he wanted me to take a look at a draft, but his come-back was, “if I can be respectful asking that guy not to call me, I think I can manage this email.”

Is he giving up? Is it ever giving up if you’ve tried your best? I think it is okay to concede defeat once in a while, especially when not doing so becomes a major distraction from the bigger picture.

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