Thursday, October 22, 2009

Office for Students with Disabilities

A few weeks ago, when my husband was picking up my son for the weekend, my husband stopped in to the college’s Office for Students with Disabilities. He was impressed by the people he met, and suggested to my son that he should stop in and talk to one of the intake advisers.

Unfortunately, my husband had the fellow’s name wrong. When my son asked for him yesterday, they said there was no one by that name working there. Still, he set up an appointment to talk about potential accommodations in two weeks.

In the meantime, stealth Mom dropped a note to find out the person’s name and he responded promptly, and suggested that if my son felt he needed to get in sooner, to just call him. I forwarded his response to my son, so he would have the contact information. I hope he will make the call; but – worst case – he has the appointment.

And that’s a good thing. Because when he met with his faculty adviser today, they talked about next semester’s courses…and that was pretty much it. I asked if he mentioned the sewing assignment; no – he forgot.

After about three days of stressing about tying a knot in thread and sewing a seam, I was surprised that he would forget to bring up the subject; could be that it was not the forum to discuss particular classroom problems. In any event, she had offered help to the class for anyone who needed it. At some point, I know he will figure it out.

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