Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Powering Through

As his first year of college winds down, my son is dealing well with the amount of work to be done prior to the beginning of final exams. Everything was coming due this week. When he talked about the pressure he was feeling as we were walking last Sunday, I suggested making a list – either in his head or on paper – of what had to be done and when it was due. He could then mentally or with pen in hand tick off each task as it was accomplished.

The list started off on Sunday afternoon with a couple of lab reports, a nutrition report, a health project and an English paper; that’s what I can remember anyway. He also wanted to make sure he dropped off his signed accommodation letter in the Office for Students with Disabilities.

As of this moment and to the best of my knowledge, the only item not quite completed is the English paper.

In his freshman year in high school, one of the teachers in the Learning Center told my son that he should not let his “ADHD” get in the way of success. As I pointed out to my son at the time, and as you can guess by the amount of work he can accomplish whenever he puts his mind to it (which is always), attention deficit is NOT part of his learning issues. Very few adolescents can focus and multi-task the way my son can!

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