Monday, April 26, 2010

Ultimate Disorganization

And I bring this up because my son did not go to the Ultimate tournament this past weekend. As he was getting into the car at 6 AM he was told that the team was planning on staying over, but they had not arranged enough sleeping space for everyone; they were short three spots. My son has an acquaintance at the school that he could have contacted, given enough notice; but he would have needed more than a couple of hours to do so.

I asked my son flat out if he thought he was asked to stay behind because he was less apt to raise a fuss, and he did not think that was the reason. He said the captains that are responsible for making arrangements are not particularly well organized; and the communication has not been great.

So he did some homework and then jumped on the train and came home Saturday afternoon. My daughter was invited to a party Saturday evening, so we all went downtown and my husband, son and I enjoyed a nice dinner and stroll while not-so-little sister was at the chi-chi party. On Sunday, bro and sis went for a walk; then I ran and walked with my son. We enjoyed a steak dinner and I drove him back to school last evening.

It was actually a really nice weekend for all.

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