Monday, April 5, 2010

A New Schedule

My son really does not like his current courses very much. I think he said his History professor is "okay", but he finds the other classes a bit tedious and I think he finds the teachers lacking when compared to his high school teachers. He believes they could show a little more enthusiasm and work a little harder to make the classes interesting.

While he may well be right on target, I told him that teachers are less concerned with conducting an interesting class at the college level, and more concerned with covering the required material. There is a degree of seriousness in post-secondary education that he is encountering for the first time. Another step in the growth process I suppose – although I am not sure who decided that serious must be equal or equivalent to boring. In the pursuit of a well rounded college education, there are certain required courses that some students will like (therefore it is an “interesting class”) and others will dislike (to whom the same class is “boring”).

My son registered for the fall semester and seems happy with his schedule – both the particular courses and the time slots he has. I would bet that kind of satisfaction is half the battle of successfully completing a semester; but time will tell.

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