Thursday, January 21, 2010

Short Misstep

The college my son attends is spread over three campuses in a small city. His dormitory and most classrooms are on the school’s North Campus; but this semester he has one class on the South Campus. Getting to this class entails either a 20-25 minute walk, or a short ride on the campus shuttle bus.

This morning he arrived at South Campus in plenty of time for class. He got off the bus and entered the classroom building – only to find he was in the wrong place. Apparently (as he found out), there are two academic buildings on this campus and his class was in the other building.

Happily, he was not alone at the wrong place – another student was looking for the same class. Together they managed to get to the right room, and only about 15 minutes late!

So my son conquers another obstacle, and makes another (maybe brief, maybe lasting) social connection.

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