Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Neurology Appointment

My son has an appointment with his neurologist today; he generally is seen twice a year or so. My son and husband went with a list of questions in hand:

My husband was going to ask if the doctor sees any need for occupational therapy, given all the issues that arose at school. My own thought is that OT might be helpful for specific life-skill goals, but he would not need OT just to succeed in his classes. One accommodation I think my son will follow up on with the Office for Students with Disabilities is the use of a PC or other keyboard for any written tests. He does not want to fail because the teachers could not read his handwriting.

My son would like to discontinue the medication that was added to his daily regimen about a year-and-a-half ago after he experienced significant “unsteadiness.” The dosage was cut in half after only a few months because of some unsettling side effects. He actually left it at school (more help with organizational skills is clearly still needed!), and he has felt fine without it.

I also suggested they ask how long he can continue seeing this doctor, a pediatric neurologist. Forever would be my hope – he’s been great through many crises. When my son first needed neurological testing at the age of four months, I never dreamed that as a young adult he would still need a neurologist. My son is basically healthy, smart and just a good person; regular visits to a neurologist can be tolerated – see you in six months, doctor!

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