Tuesday, January 26, 2010

It's His Call

The grade my son ended up receiving in the Stage Technology course was his lowest ever. Given that there were two other segments to the course in addition to the sewing portion, he was genuinely surprised that his grade was that low. The grades he received in lighting and production or set (or whatever the other segment was called – the one where he made the box!), were all relatively strong.

Upon returning to school this semester, he set up a meeting with the professor to go over the grades. She told my son that the segments were each equally weighted, and he had essentially failed the sewing segment. He left her office only partially satisfied. When he returned to his room and gathered up and averaged his grades from the other two segments, they were – individually – very good (B in one and B+ or A in the other).

I suggested he send her an email, thanking her for the meeting and explaining that he still can not square his classroom work and test grades with the final grade he received. She should be able to provide a complete reconciliation of how she arrived at the final mark.

Given that they pretty much dropped him like a hot potato from the department and the professor never made any effort in the sewing segment to accommodate his disability, I feel strongly that my son should pursue this. I pointed out that, should he transfer, he would lose those credits.

While I find the situation both frustrating and infuriating, following up will be his decision.

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