Thursday, May 6, 2010

Reading Day

That makes is sound so…collegiate. Reading days are those days between the last day of class and the first day of taking finals (“writing finals”) when you’re supposed to be preparing. Or maybe it makes it sound British!

My son has two final exams on Friday, which he’s already been studying for and has two take-home exams that are due next week. He’s fairly confident that he will be able to finish the writing by Saturday afternoon. He is now trying to decide whether to rush home then, or relax and stay over until Sunday as his roommate and some others are doing. Finals continue into next week, but it does not appear that there are too many students who will still be there by Tuesday or Wednesday.

Last night the Frisbee team got together for a last pick-up game. There will be opportunities for him to play locally during the summer as there is a metro league.

Speaking to my son last night, he had mixed feelings about winding down – although I thought he’d be eager to come home, he seems to be wavering now and may well stay until Sunday. Despite the complications of the first semester, and the fact that he was less than impressed by his courses and professors in his second semester, the fact that he’s in no rush to get home would seem to indicate that he’s made some social connections. I’d call that a good start.

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