Monday, May 24, 2010

Moving Right Along

Things work out a certain way for a reason. He did not land any of the local retail positions for which he applied. However, my son was contacted last week by the person who schedules umpires, and he picked up two games already (one got rained out, but still…!). Even if he gets assigned to five or six more between now and when the youth baseball season ends, that would be enough spending money to get through the summer.

He has also reestablished his account at the local Y, and has gone to work out there a few times. Driving lessons continue as well. He has enough going on to keep him from getting bored.

All of his spring grades have been posted and once again, his grade point average was over the minimum requirement for the school’s Dean’s List.

As Robert Browning wrote, “God’s in His Heaven, All’s right with the World.”

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