Friday, May 7, 2010

The Final of the Semster

By the time I post this, my son will be done with his last final exam. He has also nearly completed the two take-home exam papers that are due next week. He hopes to wrap them up by tomorrow and has, in the end, decided to come home on Saturday. I think part of the rationale is that those who are staying around and finished are going to be partying up a storm, and my son would rather not.

I am a little concerned that in his rush to complete everything, he won’t do his best work. During high school, he was always allotted additional time for tests, yet rarely used it. As one of his specialists said, “He should.” So I hope he has enough persistence left to read through the two papers and make final edits before he sends them off by email to his professors.

I don’t really know what else to say at this point, now that my son has all but completed a year of college, and extremely successfully. I expect the summer – learning to drive, living back at home and figuring out how to spend down time – will bring new challenges. And no doubt he will rise to them.

So my son’s final is today and this is also my final daily blog entry for a while. I know I will not be as diligent about writing over the next three months; I will try and enter something at least weekly. To my daily readers: thank you for your encouragement. If you think of anything you think I might address, feel free to let me know – other than that, I expect a quiet, fun (!) summer.

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