Tuesday, May 4, 2010

New Resources Firming Up

Last night a local school district hosted a Vendor Fair for special education families. I attended with one goal in mind – that of hooking up with our state commission that serves the disabled community after high school. The fact that my son is doing so well in college despite some setbacks is amazing – but one thing I’ve learned already (and he has as well) is that there will always be some need for some, albeit minimal, support. He is comfortable now, but he is not looking further than next year. My concern is whether he will have the life skills to live independently and get and hold meaningful employment upon graduation.

This agency deals with disabilities that run the gamut from profoundly developmentally disabled, to less significant learning disorders that still interfere with quality of life. There is great demand for these services but the representative of the commission, after hearing the short story of my son’s neurological issues, was fairly confident that he would qualify for support. He told me who to call and suggested that I do so sooner, rather than later to start the clock running on the three month wait time.

I’ve already made the call and we are expecting to hear from them in early August.

BONUS: I happened upon another vendor, the owner of an adaptive driving school; I have been playing phone tag with him for the past week or so. I was able to schedule my son’s first road lesson and the initial evaluation for next Monday morning.

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