Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Organizational Skills and Executive Function

This is a very broad topic, but I will file this little sliver under that heading.

I don’t know how many times I thought I confirmed with my son that he was finished with all his coursework with the exception of the two finals on Friday.

Obviously, “thought” being the operative word – I clearly did not get confirmation. I think I probably got silence or a shrug.

In any event, my son called me at work to ask if we had an Ethernet cable at home because he had and assignment on his laptop that had to be emailed to a professor. I told him we did, told him where it was and how to connect it. His next call was that he still could not access the Internet from the laptop.

Mom: “Are you sure it’s connected correctly?”
Son: “Yes.” (This does not sound feasible to Mom because the Ethernet cable, router and modem were all in good working order.)
Mom: “Try one of the other outlets on the router. If that doesn’t work there is a flash drive you can use in the drawer. Then call me and let me know if you were able to get the file mailed one way or the other.”
Son: “Okay.”

Well, I have not heard back from him. No news is good news and all that; it’s not like I could do anything more until I get home anyway.

Had he mentioned to me when I asked that there was an email that had to go out, we could have gone over the “how-to” sometime while I was home, instead of trying to figure it out from work. Anyway, I am assuming that he got it taken care of.

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