Monday, December 7, 2009

Exciting Weekend Life of a Commuter College

More often than not our son comes home on weekends, largely because there is not a lot to do on campus. But this past weekend, he stayed put.

Friday night he called to say how bored he was, although one of the kids had decorated the common area on his floor with some cheerful holiday decorations. He texted a short movie clip showing the new decor. Very festive! It also happened to be the first time I realized that I could take and view moving images on my cell phone; but that’s neither here nor there!

Saturday evening, he went to see a show on campus (he has a paper to do on the show as an assignment for one of his classes). Some time (long) after the curtain fell, my son and another fellow chipped in on a delivered pizza. While parents of high school and college students who are not dealing with social communications issues are used to this sort of thing, it was yet another momentous occasion for me!

While my son and his equally hungry fellow freshman were chowing down on pizza until 2:30 AM, another young man (apparently under the influence) was trashing the newly hung decorations.

Never a dull moment on the college campus. Thank goodness the school has a no-alcohol policy.

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