Monday, November 23, 2009

Open Your Eyes!

With my son (mostly) away at school, there is a different dynamic in our house. Although I have written here about the clear-cut instructions for picking up after himself, the truth is my son has really not gotten the hang of that yet. So one of those changed dynamics is the fact that our house has been…cleaner.

Not long after he arrived home this weekend, the previously clutter-free floor of his room was littered with socks, tissues, remotes, books and battery chargers. I was the first one in bed last Friday evening and the first one up on Saturday morning. I walked into the kitchen that I had left fairly tidy – dishwasher filled, counters clean – and found every cabinet door and drawer open, dishes, silverware and glasses on the counter or in the sink. You get the picture.

I get that teenage boys/young men are not known for their neatness; but there comes a time to tweak that behavior. I am not asking for a sea change, just a sign that my son is capable of seeing a mess and cleaning it.

The things that I really wish he would grasp though have less to do with his environment and more to do with him. I still find myself telling him to wipe his mouth (although much less frequently than when he was younger), and that’s a worry to me. I attribute the fact that he is unaware of whether his mouth is clean and the impact on others if it is not, to his learning disability. I don't think I am overstating the case when I say that is one obstacle that he must overcome in order to be successful.

I have given my son a heads up that while he is home for the Thanksgiving break, I will be in “nag” mode. I don’t know how else to get him over these supposedly simple hurdles. I would gladly take suggestions!

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