Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Only As Happy As your Happiest Child

A friend of mine frequently reminds me of that: that a parent is only as happy as their happiest child. When your child hurts, you hurt more.

Right now, my son is not feeling particularly good about himself (depressed is the word he used). He was taken by surprise, I think, to hear a teacher tell him he could not manage a particular task. All I could do is remind him of the encouragement he has gotten in the past. I had contacted his high school guidance counselor to vent about this. She replied immediately with a reminder of exactly how much my son has proven capable of. I forwarded the email to him and told him last night to read it over and over, until he remembers that it is true.

Her words:

(He) CAN do what ever he sets his mind to, including a BFA in
stage management! He has to do what he always has done...advocate for himself as well as take advantage of the resources made available to him. When is the team meeting? Would it be helpful for me to speak with anyone? I would be happy to! Just let me know and I can give a call...it might be helpful for (the school) to speak with someone who has worked closely with (him) and can testify to what he can do...rather than just look at his testing. This is something I can definitely do!

These teachers will get to know him, and realize that they underestimated my son. Whatever he decides about his major field of study in college, I have confidence in him.

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