Friday, September 11, 2009

He Needs It, He Needs It Not

Tomorrow our family is getting together with a group of friends with whom we traveled to China ten years ago. Twenty-two families came home with Chinese infants and toddlers. My son was eight at the time, but he was an awesome traveler, very sophisticated and very appreciative of all the new experiences (the greatest of which was the welcoming of his sister).

He established personal ties with several people on that trip and has attended every reunion with us. Because he was home last weekend, he considered staying at school this weekend; but, in the end, he's planning on attending.

When he arrived home last Saturday morning, he had remembered his dirty clothes, but forgotten his towels; remembered his books, but forgot his dental retainers; remembered his phone and iPod, but forgot his "brain medicine," Tegretol (fortunately we had a refill). He also brought his toiletries -- toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, etc. -- all of which we also keep for him at home.

This weekend, we are being very specific as to what he should bring home and what he doesn't need. Is this guidance a verbal reminder to an adolescent in need of that kind of reinforcement, or is it the nagging of an anxious parent?

I also think we will start keeping a few days' supply of his medication at home.

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