Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Getting Harder (for Him or Me?)

I think as the novelty of being away from home wears off, my son is getting increasingly anxious. His anxiety, I believe, stems less from the amount of work that will be required and more from the little things he finds himself struggling to deal with.

Some might think I am exaggerating the significance of his inability to access the Web. But my son has a broad network of friends/virtual friends through the social networking site, Facebook. Apart from the impact it might have on his studies, the ongoing lack of Internet access is cutting him off from his old contacts. I asked him last night if he thought it might help if I called IT and he said it might. So I called and left a message on his behalf; I wanted to intercede, but wanted him to continue to control the reins. The Help Desk did call him back this morning. It sounds like the problem has been partially, but not yet fully, resolved.

My own anxiety rises proportionately (or maybe disproportionately!) when I hear my son sounding despondent. Given the circumstances, I have to keep reminding myself that right now he is feeling the same emotions as hundreds of thousands of other college freshmen. I know his currently low spirits are probably intensified by frustration that arises from communication problems. I also know he'll get through this period as he has so successfully weathered challenges of equal magnitude in the past.

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