Saturday, April 2, 2011


Not long from now, I expect my son will step up to the plate and manage his life. And he never ceases to amaze me by showing how he can do that when I least expect it.

Near the end of his freshman year, he tried to create a back-up of his computer files and got an error message that the drive could not read the disk. I tried a few months later and got the same error. We used a flash drive and I forgot about it.

Just a couple of weeks ago in one of those Eureka moments, I woke up thinking that the DVD drive (indeed the whole laptop) is covered for service for the four years he is at school, and I thought maybe the DVD drive is the problem.
 Of course, in the morning, the thought went nowhere and I forgot to even mention that to my son. Fast forward to just a week ago, and I happened to be spending a nice Sunday afternoon with him. He mentioned that the DVD drive on his laptop wouldn’t work (he has two movies to watch for his Shakespeare class). He told me he was going to the tech office the next day to drop it off. He brought it to them the following day, explained the problem and, without so much as an argument, they told him they would get a new drive for him. It was fixed by Thursday.

No prompting, no advice, no practicing, no intervening by Mom on his behalf. As I’ve written here before, he has his own schedule

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