Sunday, April 10, 2011

How I Spent My summer Vacation - Prologue

On a suggestion from one of his aunts, my son got in touch with a woman who works in the development office of the rehab hospital where he spent four weeks in early 2005. As a family, we have kept in touch with the administrators there and have been involved in some of their fund-raisers. My son is frequently invited by the hospital’s Development Office to take advantage of donated sports or theater tickets, or other opportunities (which he almost always gratefully accepts!).

The purpose of his call was to offer his services to the hospital for a summer internship. He has been developing his communications skills this year, working on the University’s student newspaper. He would like to learn more about not-for-profit organizations, perhaps using his writing to promote fund-raising events this summer. But he would be happy to help in any way he can.

After some back and forth by email, he had an interview a week or so ago, and it looks as though he will have his summer hours filled with helping out there – a good cause for him to put his effort behind while gaining some experience in the real work world. I don’t know how the interview actually went; he didn’t share much. I do know that he is excited to get this opportunity and looking forward to the summer.

Three weeks of school before he completes half of his college education. So far, so good.

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