Monday, March 21, 2011

Things Get in the Way

I am happy to say that shortly after my last post, I had back to back interviews for three jobs and accepted one. I started at my new company on January 3 and have not come up for air since. It's busy and demanding, but I like it very much.

My son is now more than half-way through his second year and I can’t tell you how happy I am to say that this has been a very good year all around. He continues to play Ultimate and I‘ve been to a couple of his tournaments. The team still occasionally socializes outside of practice (he recently hadn’t been in touch for a day or two and before I could call the police he called and happened to mention that he went bowling with some teammates the evening before.

His roommate and some of the crew that lived on the same floor as my son last year have been great at keeping him in the group even though he now lives on another floor – they all went downtown on Halloween (one of those occasions when my son was one of the few non-drinkers in the crowd!). All in all, a very successful term from a social standpoint.

Academically, it’s been even better. He is thriving as a Communications major and posted a 3.5 GPA in the fall semester. The spring semester seems to be a bit more difficult and he has had one short bad period, but he got through that and is back on track.

I know I won’t be as faithful as I was last year, but I would like to see this blog through on a more-or-less regular basis until he graduates. So, until next time…

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