Thursday, September 9, 2010

Same Old, Same Old

My son’s State College was granted University status this past summer. This is something the president of the school has been campaigning hard for – kudos!!

But at this point, I have not seen anything in the demeanor of the professional staff that indicates that they are ready to step up to the challenge of “kicking it up a notch.”

I had asked my son to arrange an interview with the director of the disability office because last year he learned how hard it is to schedule time with her. He did so and she confirmed an appointment for September 2 at 3 PM. On his agenda, my son wanted to discuss finalizing the change in major; getting a departmental faculty advisor from Communications; get accommodations for the semester squared away; inform her of the fact that he has now hooked up with our State’s Rehabilitation Commission office in order for him to get additional support in future employment (more about that another day); and finally, how he might go about finding a job on campus. Although the last item does not fall within her purview, any tips she might have offered him on where to go or who to see would help.

Unfortunately, although the school may now be a “university” the Disabilities Office remains the same unprofessional bureau that it was last year. Not only did she not show up for his appointment, she did not notify him of the cancellation. When my son arrived, the only thing he could accomplish was getting the accommodation letter for his professors. He was told to reschedule and the soonest he would be able get in to meet with her would be September 30. Unbelievable.

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