Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Little Things Mean a Lot

The day (earlier this month) that we spent several hundred dollars in the College Bookstore was a little hectic. We worked with a salesperson to find my son’s texts, but it turned out they picked up the wrong book for one of his classes. He only realized the mistake on the day after the last day to exchange books for a full refund. The bookstore sales people were not willing to take the book back. He called and let me know and I coached him on how to approach the sales people about the return and he marched back to try again. He texted me later: “No luck @ bookstore.”

I was able to talk to the manager and she very patiently explained their policy; I very patiently explained why this $117 book was an albatross. She compromised by offering a full credit for the price of the book, assuming it was in brand new condition. It was; and today my son called and let me know he had gotten the credit. I am thrilled that someone at the school was assuming their share of responsibility. [Being the parent of a young adult with NLD, I asked him to keep the refund someplace safe so he would not lose it! ]

In the meantime, my letter to the President of the school regarding the lack of professionalism from the Office of Disabilities generated an unexpected and unwanted response. Instead of calling my son, the director called me. I have been a little busy with my job hunt to return her call, but I find it very telling that she chose to call me. After all, I was aggravated by the cancellation, but not impacted by her thoughtlessness. I think it would have been more considerate of her to call my son to apologize for her mistake and offer an explanation to him of what might have happened (details not necessary); and perhaps offered to meet with him sooner than September 30 as a peace offering. Are my expectations too high for this school?

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