Monday, June 14, 2010

Summer Routine

Our family is settling into a reasonably stable routine for the summer, and I am getting accustomed to the late nights of Ultimate Frisbee on the Common. The group meets on Wednesday and Friday evenings, and there is also a game on Sunday afternoons at another location. My husband and son try to get to the local Y to work out once or twice a week in between Frisbee (for my son) and tennis (for my husband). And my daughter is finishing up the school year, and doing a lot more “hanging out,” as she asserts her 13-year-old independence – to a point. All in all, not a bad life!

My son continues to improve his driving skills. Whereas the instructor has been picking him up and taking him to and from a quiet neighborhood for practice, this past Saturday my son drove the car back to our house.

He is also involved with a small group of fellows in college with similar disabilities. The group meets once a week, and after the first meeting they went out to lunch together. He seems to like it, but I’m not sure how committed my son is to sticking with this group. This week it conflicts with a driving lesson, so he won’t make the meeting.

Over the weekend, the four of us participated in a 5K fundraising run/walk for the benefit of Franciscans Hospital for Children, where my son spent several weeks in rehabilitation after his eighth grade illness. We exceeded our fundraising goal by a considerable amount; my daughter beat me by four minutes without even training; and my husband and son spent the time walking and talking – World Cup, basketball, school, books, movies…who knows what!

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